What is TravelCash?


TravelCash is currently developing a mobile wallet for iOS and Android


Can currently process between 1,000 to 5,000 transactions per second


Instead of carrying cash or credit cards while traveling, simply pay with your phone

Lower Fees

TravelCash charges 1% per transaction, saving merchants up to 70% over credit cards


Apps for Android and Mac coming Q1 2019


No personal data is ever used, triple-encryption approach is virtually impossible to hack

Mobile Application Wireframes

How Does TravelCash Work?

Why is TravelCash Different?

Instead of worrying about carrying cash or credit cards while traveling, users simply pay for goods and services using a digital wallet on their phones or mobile devices. It’s fast, safe and simple. Think of us as travelers checks for the digital age. For merchants, TravelCash offers substantial savings. We can process transactions for just 1% of the purchase price, saving merchants 50% to 70% on credit card fees.


We envision TravelCash being accepted in every aspect of travel

- from online travel booking sites to hotels, from resorts to cruise ships, in restaurants and at gas pumps - and even for use with Uber and AirBnB locations.

Key Features

2 Stellar is capable of processing between 1,000 to 5,000 of transactions per second
3 TravelCash charges retailers just 1% per transaction
4 Substantial savings to merchants of up to 50% to 70% over credit card fees
5 TravelCash removes all exchange rate risks, counter-party risks & financial system bureaucracy
6 No possible exposure of client personal or financial information during transfers
7 TravelCash wallets will be fully recoverable
8 Removes the costs associated with international currency exchanges

Executives and Board Members

We have assembled an unparalleled executive team. Combined, we have more than 130 years experience in digital currency, the travel industry, finance, banking, marketing and government relations.

Phil Nick

Chief Executive Officer

Greg Bernd

Executive Vice President, Global Sales

Will Gozzard

Chief Vision Officer

Frank Mena

Chief Technology Officer

Ernie Malas

Executive Vice President, Corporate Development

Mike Crawford

Executive Vice President, Operations

Bobby Carpenter

Executive Vice President, Finance

Woody Winfree

Chief Financial Officer

Clark Powell

Chief Marketing Officer

Ric Moore

Director, Government Relations

Ryon Malas

Secretary, Board of Directors


TravelCash Roadmap.

Q1 2018

• C Corp is formed
• Seed round raised initial funding

Q2 2018

• Mobile frame work and 82 comprehensive wire frames completed
• McCarter & English hired to assist the company with private round fundraising

Q3 & Q4 2018

• Accepted into International Blockchain Consulting (IBC) Group Private Placement Division

Q3 & Q4 2018 (expected)

• Mobile development to begin on October 15th
• Initiate $30M in private sale and security token offering
• Begin signing up beta testing partners

Q1 & Q2 2019 (expected)

• Expect minimum working mobile apps to be completed
• Bets test with Hard Rock Riviera Maya near Cancun, Mexico
• Beta test with NK Medical Group
• Partner with an independent sales organization (ISO) with focus on hospitality
• Begin selling TravelCash to corporations